Safer C7 project

The Safer C7 Project

Exciting news! We are now within £900 of meeting our target.

The final deadline for reaching our £20,000 crowdfunding target is Thursday 27th July at 8.45am.

Thanks to the generous contributions from 122 supporters, we have now raised £19,117 towards the £20,000 target. That’s 95%!

The Crowdfunder rules mean that we cannot extend the deadline beyond 27th July. If we haven’t reached the target by the deadline, all the existing contributions will be refunded, and the project will go no further.

If we reach the target by Thursday, work on the project can begin.

Please help us to reach the target, so that work can start on making the C7 safer for everyone.

To make a contribution – or to watch the nail biting countdown – go to