Kingston Village Action Group Constitution

• The name of the organisation shall be the Kingston Village Action Group (the Group).
• The remit of the Group shall be to identify needs and issues within Kingston and take appropriate action, in association with the Kingston Parish Council (the KPC)
• To gather the views and opinions of individual residents and of parish organisations
• To suggest practical initiatives for the Group to undertake
• To suggest actions to the KPC
• To participate in joint working parties with representatives of the KPC
• To report back on its work both to the KPC and to the community
• There shall be up to 12 Group members, of which no more than three shall be members of the KPC.
• New members can be co-opted at the discretion of the membership.
• A Chair person, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected.
• Meetings shall be held at least every two months. At least five days’ notice of meetings shall be given.
• Formal resolutions shall be determined by a majority of votes of the Group at a meeting, the Chair having a casting vote if necessary. A quorum of three members shall be necessary to transact business.
Joint Working Groups
• Joint Working Groups shall be bound by the terms of reference set out for them by the Group and the KPC.
• The Treasurer shall keep a clear record of expenditure supported by receipted invoices.
• S/he shall provide regular financial reports and annual accounts to the Group
Changes to the Constitution
• The constitution may be altered only with the consent of two thirds of the Group.
• A member may be deemed to have left the Group if s/he misses three consecutive meetings without good reason.
• Upon dissolution of the Group any remaining funds must be transferred to the KPC.