Coronavirus Latest Information

Local councils have been advised that people should follow the Government guidelines:

The Government’s main source of advice on Coronavirus includes information on social distancing alongside a wide range of other information and can be found here

Additional information can be found via the Public Health England FAQs that will be updated.

Kingston Parish Council continues to follow the Government guidelines.

Kingston Parish Council continues to follow the Government guidelines.

Repairs at the community pavilion are near completion. The pavilion committee will then consider the appropriate Government guidelines and assess these in regard to the possibility of re-opening.

Access to the tennis courts is currently not available during lockdown but will be facilitated as soon as allowed by Kingston Tennis Club in accordance with the Government and Lawn Tennis Club guidelines. Details may be obtained from Kingston Tennis Club.

The children’s play area remains open following Government guidelines and a Covid risk assessment carried out by Lewes District Council (who are contracted to carry out risk assessments for KPC on a monthly and annual basis)

The Village Green and St Pancras Green continue to be available for residents to enjoy out-door exercise but the council asks that people please follow the latest staying safe guidance and social distancing rule.

KPC Update for Kingston News January 2021

Now that we are in tier 2, activities are back on on St Pancras green – including junior football and tennis (thanks to Kingston Tennis Club), and the play area on the village green remains open.
The repairs to the Pavilion are nearly all complete and we are now looking at external maintenance so that we are ready to open when permitted.

Ashcombe Hollow
Despite the A board provided by the owner of the burger bar, there is still inconsiderate parking particularly at the bend of the road. We had previously asked ESCC Highways for double yellow lines there, which were refused, so we have now gone back to them to ask them for official signage about the parking. Fingers firmly crossed!

Saxondown development
The construction management plan for the development is on KPC’s website – If you have any issues with how the development is being managed, please do contact the contractors directly – details are on the management plan and they have said that they would be happy to discuss.

SDNPA Parish Workshop
Councillors Chris Moulder and Maria Barney attended this workshop (virtually) and found it very useful. A couple of the projects mentioned were Trees for the Downs, and Communities in South Downs, and details can be found on the SDNPA website. Also mentioned was potential funding for small community projects, and parish meetings which can showcase what is going on in the parishes – we look forward to this in 2021.

Cycling and walking consultation
As mentioned last month, KPC has responded to this consultation – particularly important since Kingston is barely mentioned! But if you see this before the deadline date of 11 December and want to contribute – the more the better – the consultation can be found at

How do I report …
If there is a problem with potholes, drainage, flooding ….etc, it is good if as many people as possible report it. Reporting a problem could not be easier as long as you are online – go to ~ report a problem. Or you can ring on 0345 6080193. This is also the number to ring if you feel that there is an emergency.
For driving incidents, Operation Crackdown can still be used – this can be found on the Sussex Police website.

Date of next council meeting
The next meeting will be held at 7pm on Wednesday 13 January. It doesn’t look as though we will be able to meet together “face to face” for a considerable time, so we will continue to meet by Zoom. If you want to “attend” please email by 4pm on Tuesday 12 January and a link will be sent to you on the following day.

KPC contact details
We are still working during these difficult times – our contact details are on the KPC website ( and also on the notice boards. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to and we will do our very best to help.

Finally …
I know I wished you a happy Christmas in the last issue (it’s been a long year …) but KPC really does send you all very best wishes for Christmas, and the hope that next year will be less difficult for all of us.

Anti-social car parking

Here is a link to a notice that you can print out and place under the windscreen wipers of vehicles that you feel are parking inconsiderately in the village – for example, close to a junction, on the grass verges or on the pavements.