Kingston Parish Council Small Grant Scheme is open for applications

The council’s grant scheme is designed to support small community groups in Kingston and encourage the development of new groups.

The aim of the scheme is to promote an active community by supporting voluntary, non-profit and charitable groups within the village to help develop or improve the services and activities they provide.
The total grant fund available for any financial year is £1,000, and once those funds have been allocated to individual projects other applications will be informed and carried over for consideration in the next financial year.
Most grants will be given for a maximum of a few hundred pounds only. Download the form and submit to the council for consideration at its next meeting:
Grant application Form

Your village has £170,000 to spend on Capital Projects

Kingston Parish Council needs your ideas for capital projects which would benefit the village.

If possible, please provide the following:
-a description/specification;
-your rough estimate of costs;
-the potential for additional funding from other sources; and
-what you could do to help take your ideas forward.

Don’t be deterred if you can’t meet any or all of these requirements – your ideas will be valued – but do remember, we only have £170,000.

To stimulate your ideas, some proposals that have already been suggested are:
-Solar panels installed on the roof of the Parish Hall and Community Pavilion
-Additional sport and exercise facilities
-Mobile speed sensors installed on Wellgreen Lane.

Please send your ideas to our Parish Council Clerk at by Friday, 30 April 2021.

Your Parish Council will consider your ideas and decide which should be funded.

Don’t miss this opportunity.
Thank you.

*KPC own a short length of Church Lane. To develop their land, the adjoining owners require access over this land. KPC have granted permission through an Easement valued at £170,000.
This £170,000 is to be used for Capital Projects proposed by the residents of Kingston Parish.

Kingston Parish Council continues to follow the Government guidelines.

Kingston Parish Council continues to follow the Government guidelines.

Repairs at the community pavilion are near completion. The pavilion committee will then consider the appropriate Government guidelines and assess these in regard to the possibility of re-opening.

Access to the tennis courts is currently not available during lockdown but will be facilitated as soon as allowed by Kingston Tennis Club in accordance with the Government and Lawn Tennis Club guidelines. Details may be obtained from Kingston Tennis Club.

The children’s play area remains open following Government guidelines and a Covid risk assessment carried out by Lewes District Council (who are contracted to carry out risk assessments for KPC on a monthly and annual basis)

The Village Green and St Pancras Green continue to be available for residents to enjoy out-door exercise but the council asks that people please follow the latest staying safe guidance and social distancing rule.

Anti-social car parking

Here is a link to a notice that you can print out and place under the windscreen wipers of vehicles that you feel are parking inconsiderately in the village – for example, close to a junction, on the grass verges or on the pavements.

Coronavirus Latest Information

Local councils have been advised that people should follow the Government guidelines:

The Government’s main source of advice on Coronavirus includes information on social distancing alongside a wide range of other information and can be found here

Additional information can be found via the Public Health England FAQs that will be updated.