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Traffic Steering Group

Kingston Parish Council Needs Your Help

Serious traffic issues affect our village – vehicle numbers and speeds, oversize vehicles and the appalling condition of the road surface to name but a few.

The Wellgreen Lane/Ashcombe Lane corridor is a main rat-run for traffic travelling from the coast to the A27. It is intimately linked to the traffic using the C7, Newhaven to Lewes road.  Some 10,000 vehicles per day use the C7, of which between 4000 and 5000 vehicles pass through the village, affecting both our enjoyment of the village and the safety or our residents.

KPC has been in discussion with East Sussex County Council (ESCC) on these matters with limited success, as the council alone has very little power or influence. It is increasingly apparent that in order to effect any change, there has to be a change in the policies and priorities of ESCC, which is both out of touch and out of step with national policies and guidelines. Clearly this will require the energy and input of more than one or two councillors. The Parish Council has therefore established a Traffic Steering Group (TSG) as a sub-group of the council.  The objectives of the TSG are to:

1:  Reduce the volume and

2:  Reduce the speed of traffic passing through the village.

3:  Create a safer and healthier environment for residents, pedestrians and cyclists, encourage more active travel and make Kingston a better place to live.

The group is led by Councillor John Bewick, supported by co-opted residents Christine Moulder and Steve Pearce.

KPC, together with the other parishes of the lower Ouse valley, is already supporting the work of the Safer C7 group and is aligned with the national 20’s Plenty campaign but we need to do more.

If you are concerned about traffic issues affecting the village we want to hear from you.

If you are keen to effect change to the traffic situation we want to hear from you.

If you have expertise in traffic planning or planning in general we want to hear from you.

Please get in touch by emailing: or