Kingston Parish Council needs your ideas for capital projects which would benefit the village.

If possible, please provide the following:
-a description/specification;
-your rough estimate of costs;
-the potential for additional funding from other sources; and
-what you could do to help take your ideas forward.

Don’t be deterred if you can’t meet any or all of these requirements – your ideas will be valued – but do remember, we only have £170,000.

To stimulate your ideas, some proposals that have already been suggested are:
-Solar panels installed on the roof of the Parish Hall and Community Pavilion
-Additional sport and exercise facilities
-Mobile speed sensors installed on Wellgreen Lane.

Please send your ideas to our Parish Council Clerk at by Friday, 30 April 2021.

Your Parish Council will consider your ideas and decide which should be funded.

Don’t miss this opportunity.
Thank you.

*KPC own a short length of Church Lane. To develop their land, the adjoining owners require access over this land. KPC have granted permission through an Easement valued at £170,000.
This £170,000 is to be used for Capital Projects proposed by the residents of Kingston Parish.