Kingston Parish Council


21/01/2020 - Lewes District Council Lottery

This is a new weekly lottery that raises money for good causes throughout Lewes District. 60% of all ticket sales is distributed to these causes.

Of each £1 received, 50p goes directly to the nominated good cause;

10p goes to the central fund for good causes which is allocated at the Council's discretion;

20p goes towards the prize fund; and

the remaining 20p pays the VAT and the administrative costs of the website operator.

The lottery was established by Lewes District Council and they are instrumental in approving causes to benefit from it. They also market the lottery and manage the allocation of funds from the central fund to local good causes.

The Kingston Action Group is one of the causes registered.


Central government funding to local authorities has been cut to such an extent that many can no longer finance the grants they would have previously have given to local good causes. The lottery is designed to help plug that gap and provide at least some funding for causes benefiting the local community.


The money raised will not act as a general fund for the Council to help pay for its own services.

Tickets cost £1 per week. Each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize each week, with a top prize of £25,000. These odds are better than those in the National Lottery.

Each ticket has 6 numbers between 0 and 9. The draw is made every Saturday night when a 6 digit winning combination is picked. Prizes go to players with tickets that match the sequential numbers in the winning combination. Match all six and you win the jackpot. If you match five you win £2000, four, £250 and three £25. If you match two, you win three extra tickets.

The Lottery allows you to support good causes of your choice. Currently, there are around 30 of these but this number will undoubtedly increase rapidly!

The Kingston Action Group is one of the causes registered.

If you want to support us (or other local causes of course) itís very easy. This is how.

1 Go to Lewes District Council Lottery -

2 Click on Buy Tickets and then Support a Specific Cause

3 Type in Kingston Action Group (or another of your choice) and then Buy Tickets.

4 You can then either allow numbers to be chosen at random for you or type in your preferred numbers. You can buy one or more tickets at £1 each.

5 You are not committed to buy a ticket or tickets each week and can opt out of doing so.


Steve Berry, Secretary, Kingston Action Group