Kingston Parish Council

Kingston Village Action Group

The Action Plan Steering Group, as it was originally named, was set up by Kingston Parish Council in response to a government initiative which required local authorities to draw up action plans which reflected the needs and aspirations of the communities they served. The Action Group, as it is now called, continues to operate independently of the Parish Council but works closely with it.


The first Kingston Action Plan was published in 2007 after extensive consultation with Kingston residents. It was updated in and republished in 2011 and copies distributed to all households. A further questionnaire was carried out in 2013 and priorities identified for action by Kingston Parish Council and by the working groups set by the Action Plan Steering Group.


The Action Group represents the voices and views of the people of Kingston which it conveys to the Parish Council. Membership is open to anyone concerned to protect and enhance the village but always includes two Parish Councillors.


Recent work


A new hedge was planted on The Green in 2010 and has since been underplanted with snowdrops. More snowdrops will be added in spring 2018.


Scores of primroses have been planted along verges and paths in the village, as well as several thousand bulbs. More are being added year on year. In addition, fruit trees are being planted along The Avenue to replace those dating from the 1920s which are now dying of old age and disease.


We are always pleased to receive suggestions from residents and we also would welcome offers of help. Please contact a member of the Action Group whose contact details are below.