Kingston Parish Council

Dates of the Pavilion Committee Meetings current year

10th February 2020

11th May 2020


Agendas and Minutes of the Pavilion Committee meetings



Agenda 10th February 2020

Minutes 10th February 2020


Agenda 30th March 2020

Minutes 30th March 2020


Agenda 11th May 2020

Minutes 11th May 2020



Agenda 15th April 2019

Minutes 15th April 2019


Agenda 11th February 2019

Minutes 11th February 2019


Agenda 22nd July 2019

Minutes 22nd July 2019


Agenda 23rd September 2019

Minutes 23rd September 2019


Agenda 2nd December 2019

Minutes 2nd December 2019



Agenda 29th January 2018

Minutes 29th January 2018


Agenda 26th March 2018

Minutes 26th March 2018


Agenda 4th June 2018

Minutes 4th June 2018


Agenda 6th August 2018

Minutes 6th August 2018


Agenda 9th October 2018

Minutes 9th October 2018


Agenda 3rd December 2018

Minutes 3rd December 2018




Agenda 23rd January 2017

Minutes 23rd January 2017


Agenda 27th March 2017

Minutes 27th March 2017


Agenda 22nd May 2017

Minutes 22nd May 2017


Agenda 24th July 2017

Minutes 24th July 2017


Agenda 25th September 2017

Minutes 25th September 2017


Agenda 27th November 2017

Draft Minutes 27th November 2017



Agenda 28th November 2016

Minutes 28th November 2016


Agenda 26th September 2016

Minutes 26th September 2016


Agenda 25th July 2016

Minutes 25th July 2016


Agenda 16th May 2016

Minutes 16th May 2016


Agenda 21st March 2016

Minutes 21st March 2016


Agenda 18th January 2016

Minutes 18th January 2016



Agenda 24th November 2015

Minutes 24th November 2015


Agenda 21st September 2015

Minutes 21st September 2015


Agenda 22nd June 2015

Minutes 22nd June 2015


Agenda 30th March 2015

Minutes 30th March 2015


Agenda 26th January 2015

Minutes 26th January 2015



Agenda 24th November 2014

Minutes 24th November 2014


Agenda 29th September 2014

Minutes 29th September 2014


Agenda 21st July 2014

Minutes 21st July 2014


Agenda 19th May 2014

Minutes 19th May 2014


Agenda 17th March 2014

Minutes 17th March 2014


Agenda 27th January 2014

Minutes 27th January 2014



Agenda 18th November 2013

Minutes 18th November 2013


Agenda 24th September 2013

Minutes 24th September 2013


Agenda 31st July 2013

Minutes 31st July 2013


Agenda 5th June 2013

Minutes 5th June 2013


Agenda 23rd April 2013

Minutes 23rd April 2013

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Kingston community pavilion

click image to zoom

Kingston Community Pavilion is a state of the art building accessible to anyone who lives in Kingston and the Lower Ouse parishes. It is situated on St Pancras Green, Kingston BN7 3LN.


The Pavilion rooms available for hire include large and small meeting rooms and changing rooms and there is a fully fitted kitchen as well as TV and sound system available.


Kingston Parish Council have delegated responsibility for the running of the Community Pavilion to the Pavilion Committee of which Terry Krejkl is the Chair and Bob Butchart the Secretary.


For more information and room bookings visit the Pavilion website at or contact the Booking Secretary, Jerry Sinclair, by email